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One Year Ago . . .

25 Jun

One year ago today, at the moment that I am writing this entry, Josh and I were walking from dinner at Cafe Luxembourg to Lincoln Plaza Cinemas to watch “Midnight in Paris.”  While we watched the movie, I repeatedly updated the news feed on my cell phone to check on the status of the pending same-sex marriage legislation in New York state.  When the legislation was approved, I couldn’t wait to get outside and propose.  I had purchased the ring well in advance, and was carrying it with me, looking for the perfect opportunity.  We left the theater and walked across the street to the grove of trees behind Lincoln Center.  I was very emotional, and I’m sure that I could have been more suave in my approach, but I don’t think any amount of planning would have made the moment more perfect than it was for us.

Josh agreed to marry me, and I am the luckiest guy on the planet.  I love you so much, baby!  I can’t wait to start a family with you and to watch our kids grow up.