Three Months To Go

11 Feb

For years now I’ve been saying I wanted to turn 30 out of the country. So, hello from the British Virgin Islands!

Matt and I are here on our final vacation before the twins arrive, celebrating my birthday with friends, and enjoying our last adult vacation before it’s all trips to Disney World and “Are we there yet?” coming simultaneously from two little voices in the back seat. 😉

Below are a few photos of the British Virgin Islands, taken by my best friend, Josh K.

bvi 01

bvi 02

bvi 03

bvi 06

bvi 04

bvi 05

We’re headed back to NYC (and winter) tomorrow. It’s hard to leave, to say the least.

It was a great way to ring in a big birthday–with my husband and friends, surrounded by white sand and blue-turquoise ocean–and toast to our final pre-kids vacation.

The twins are due three months from today. 🙂


One Response to “Three Months To Go”

  1. MIchael Kuykendall February 19, 2013 at 3:58 am #

    Hey well you left me a comment in my blog, its so nice to meet you guys. The medical visa is only for married couples I was told when I was in India. The lady at the FRRO told me that I got it by fluke or they gave it to me because I told them the truth a to why I was going over there and not lying. From when I was told that anyone that had a contract before December 12, 2012 you are good anyone who has a contract after you will have trouble. but you will still be harrassed by the FRo because thats there job to do it to gay and single men. Every gay man or single man I have talk to has been himulated when they talk to them, I lied, I told them my wife was killed in a really bad accident when someone broke in my house so they gave me pitty and did not harrass me as much. Just remember that once your baby has a american passport it is now an AMERICAN citizen and they can not, not let you leave. They can ake it difficult just make sure you stay in touch with the Embassy and you will be fine.

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