We’re Still Here…

21 Aug

Hey everyone!  So sorry for the sparse postings lately.  We have just returned from our beautiful honeymoon and are scrambling to readjust to the real world once again.  Josh flew out to Texas for work this afternoon and my work week is insane, but we will try to push out a post or two by the end of the week.

The reader’s digest version is this: we are basically starting from scratch with the same clinic.  Thankfully, I left enough sperm samples in Mumbai that we don’t have to return to the clinic, but we do have to recruit a new egg donor as well as a new surrogate.  The clinic would like to change up all of the possible scenarios that caused the failed pregnancy, but honestly, it’s a coin toss even with different eggs and a different uterus.  The other consideration is the cost… a second cycle costs just as much as the first one did, which is roughly $8,000.  We definitely did not budget for multiple attempts, and we are in the process of altering our budget to accommodate a much larger overall cost.  Of course, any amount of money is worth attaining the one thing you truly want, but I kinda wish that we lived in a city where our money would stretch a bit further.

Anyway, that’s where we stand.  We are going to post a bunch of our honeymoon pics in the next few days, followed by a detailed description of the conversations between Dr. Patel and I about our options moving forward.  Night!


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