Meet The Twins!

8 Dec

Baby One:

week 12 twelve sonogram baby 1 120412


Baby Two:

week 12 twelve sonogram baby 2 120412

The twins were twelve weeks and a couple days along when these sonogram images were taken in Mumbai on Monday, December 4.

From the images, in the bottom right-hand corner, you can see Baby One is 2.6 inches CRL (crown-to-rump length). Baby Two is 2.7 inches CRL.

Those ages you see (12w6d and 13w1d) are estimates based on the size of the fetuses, even though we know they’re 12 weeks and a couple days along in these photos.

The heartbeats are great, and no anomalies are shown in these scans. All things expectant dads want to hear.

On a more entertaining note, Matt and I had a little too much fun with the “ermahgerd” meme that spread like crazy around the Internet and Facebook not long ago, especially the animal “ermahgerd” meme. Matt and I may or may not have pasted a few of these images on each others’ Facebook walls when the meme first came out.

ermahgerd animals

With the new sonogram images of the twins, I couldn’t help but make my own “ermahgerd” image.

ermehgerd tweeerns fb

And yes, it is now my Facebook cover image.

About 160 days to go….


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