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Week 18 Twin Sonogram

14 Jan

Matt and I were so excited to get our Week 18 sonogram images a few days ago. Our clinic in Mumbai e-mailed us many images (including head, heart, spine, liver, arms, hands, feet, etc.), along with a quick report summarizing everything.

A few images:

Week 18 twin sonogram new dads on the block

Hello, twins! Check out their two little heads (above). It took me a couple viewings, but then I took a closer look at our baby on the right and saw that you can clearly make out eyes, nose, and lips. AMAZING!

Week 18 twin sonogram arm new dads on the block

Week 18 twin sonogram foot new dads on the block

The accompanying sonogram report is comforting in its very business-as-usual findings:

Dichorionic twin live pregnancy is seen. Twin peak sign and separating membrane is seen. Two placenta are seen along the fundal anterior and posterior wall. No obvious anatomical anomalies are seen. Normal  fetal cardiac activity and fetal biophysical profile in both fetuses.

Altogether, music to expectant dads’ ears.

may 11Our clinic tells us to expect a twin gestation of about 35 weeks, so now that we’re at Week 18, that means we’re officially half-way through. (!) If the babies were to gestate exactly 35 weeks, that would mean delivery on Saturday, May 11, 2013. Of course, they could be born before or after that date, but May 11 is our working, “bookmarked” due date at this point.

117 days and counting.

It’s crazy to think that in four months’ time, those little heads in the images above–sent to us electronically from 7,000 miles and many time zones away–will actually be cradled in our arms and preparing to come home with us to New York City.

“Excited” and “looking forward to it” barely begins to explain it. 😉