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One Hundred Days To Go

31 Jan

Right now I’m on a work trip in Dallas, Texas. It’s been a crazy trip, partially because I’m trying to fit in as many client meetings as humanly possible before the twins arrive.

Today is also a big day for us, as it officially marks one hundred days until our twins’ due date of May 11.

Here in Dallas, while having lunch between work meetings, I got a text message from Matt.

“Hey baby,” the text said.

I immediately texted back and said, “Hey!” I thought he was just being sweet and checking in.

What I didn’t realize was that, if he’d spoken it aloud, his voice would have gone up at the end of the phrase. It wasn’t a greeting, but a tantalizing statement trailing off. My phone dinged again and in came a photo message that made my jaw drop:

twins car seat

I was speechless when the image first loaded. All I could immediately text back was “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Totally took my breath away.

He also sent a photo of the double stroller these car seats snap into, sitting right in our living room. That was crazy because the thing is at least two-thirds the length of our large sofa. It’s just huge.

Seeing these car seats is just amazing to me. Our kids are going to be sitting in these car seats. Before summer begins.

Tomorrow the baby countdown goes from triple digits to double digits….