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Week 26: Third Trimester Begins!

9 Mar

Today’s an exciting day for us. At twenty-six weeks along, we’re now officially into the third trimester. As of today, if the twins happened to be born now (in an emergency, etc.) they would have an 80-90% chance of survival. Every week from here those odds only improve.

Obviously we hope the babies stay right where they are until mid-May, but it’s a relief knowing that if something happened and they came early, our kids have a much better chance of thriving than they did even a week ago. Definitely a happy milestone.

third trimester twins 26 weeks pregnany twins

Our surrogate’s belly must be getting pretty big at this point! Our clinic tells us that she’s resting at the clinic’s surrogate housing in Mumbai, with her young son at her side, and getting seen daily by a nurse and weekly by our doctor.

Just about two months to go!