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Our Twins’ Week 25 3D Sonogram

23 Mar

I landed in Omaha on a Monday night, there for the week for work. I got in my rental car, heading for the hotel, when my phone rang.


“Guess what we got?” It was Matt.


“Our 3D sonogram.”

Shut up! I thought we weren’t supposed to get that until Week 28!”

“I’m watching it right now. Get to your hotel and log onto YouTube. I’m uploading the video for you now.”

Minutes later I was in my hotel room, watching our 42-minute (!) 3D sonogram. Using my iPhone, I shot about a minute of footage of some of the highlights and then put it online for our friends and family. Here’s that (amazing! awesome!) footage.

I can’t believe this technology. So cool.

So, there you have it: the first peek at our twins.