Week 29: Hello, Baby Shower Gifts!

31 Mar

One of the facts of having children through gestational surrogacy is that you don’t get to see the day-to-day changes in a growing pregnancy belly. You don’t get to see or feel babies moving, and unfortunately we aren’t able to be a part of all the doctor visits, etc.

But one way Matt and I are experiencing the growth and changes in the third trimester of our surrogate pregnancy is the growth and change in the number of gifts that have arrived for our twins in the past few weeks. It started with a trickle–a few boxes here and there–and culminated in a full-on deluge of colorful, thoughtful, adorable presents at the baby shower our friends and family recently threw for us.

twin baby shower gifts gay dads gayby

Matt’s mom, Ellen, and several of our very good friends put together quite a team effort to pull off our baby shower, and it ended up being one of the most relaxed, fun, easy, celebratory afternoons I can remember. Everyone had champagne, people had a chance to talk and mingle and hang out, and we all got to toast to the pending arrival of our twins.

surrogate pregnancy belly week 26 twins 26 weeksI was on Instagram today, looking at some of the photos posted under the #surrogacy hashtag, and saw this photo of a surrogate carrying twins at Week 26. I looked at that belly and wondered what our surrogate’s own belly must look like now at Week 29. We’re thinking about her and the babies today, and hoping everybody is comfortable and happy and in good health.

We’re looking forward to the day, about six weeks from now, when we get to be with all of them.


2 Responses to “Week 29: Hello, Baby Shower Gifts!”

  1. mandy larsen April 3, 2013 at 1:32 am #

    Hi New Dads! We’re Mandy and Brad from IL and just want to say congratulations on your twins. We’ve been following your blog and we too are doing surrogacy in India. We are expecting a singleton in June and are only a couple weeks behind you. Our clinic is in Mumbai and thought maybe if we were in India together we would be able to help each other with the exit process. Our babies will be here soon! We can’t wait and I bet you can’t either. Keep in touch 🙂

    Mandy and Brad

    • newdadsontheblock April 3, 2013 at 2:28 am #

      Hi Mandy and Brad! Yes, we would love to coordinate with you when we get to Mumbai. Thanks for reading the blog and good luck with the rest of your term!

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