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Update: Week 33, Day 5

2 May

As Matt mentioned, our surrogate was in the hospital for a while, first with low blood pressure, and then to see to a few other more minor ailments (a headache, etc.).

Our surrogate was released from the hospital, but then returned a few days later, this time with high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be a very real concern during pregnancy (those of you watched the latest season of Downton Abbey know all about that), so Matt and I were relieved to get an e-mail update from Dr. Bhat this morning.

“Your surrogate’s blood pressure is stable at present. The babies’ best interests are in prolonging the pregnancy. However, it is possible that at some point the doctors at the hospital may feel that the best interests of the babies and the surrogate are in delivering. This point is not predictable. I wanted to ensure that your travel plans are in place.”

We let Dr. Bhat know that our travel plans are indeed in place–we can travel at any time, using United Airlines buddy passes–so we’ve asked her to let us know the very moment they can tell that things are moving along. When that happens, we’ll immediately fly my mother-in-law, Ellen, up to New York from Wilmington, NC, and then all three of us will try and get on the next possible flight to Mumbai.

That e-mail gave us a little more peace of mind, and we’re happy to know that she’s being well taken care of and carefully attended to as we enter the final days of the pregnancy.