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We’re In Mumbai!

14 May

We made it onto our standby flight! It was really nerve-racking for a while, but the critical thing is that we made it.

flying to mumbai new dads on the blockMatt, Ellen, and I flew 14 hours and 10 minutes, direct from Newark, NJ, to Mumbai, India.

The flight really wasn’t so bad. We all watched movies, they both slept quite a bit (I slept only a little), but we got there safe and sound and without too much fuss.

It took 23 hours (almost to the exact minute) from the time we closed our apartment door in New York City, to the time we got into our hotel room in Mumbai. We were so thrilled to take hot showers, change into pajamas (felt like such a luxury!) and head to bed.

In the morning it’s off to the hospital to meet and hold the kids for the first time. (!)