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Newborn Twin Photos, Vol. 2

31 May

India, Day 18: Matt and Ellen went down to the FRRO yesterday to apply for the babies’ exit visas, the final step before we can leave the country. Matt called to check up on things today and was informed that everything is “in process.” We’re still crossing our fingers for getting out of here on Tuesday, June 4, but there’s always a chance it could take longer than that. We’ve had a good time here, but I think we’re all ready to be home, sleep in our own beds, and let the twins enjoy their nursery for the first time.

In meantime, some more newborn photos. 🙂

josh julianne pool mumbai

Daddy Josh and a snoozy Julianne yesterday at the hotel pool in Mumbai.

henry sitting up

Well hello, Henry! The little guy has been awake a bit more often and appears to be a more interested in checking out his surroundings. He’s getting so big so fast that it’s almost alarming.

facetime with great grandma dot

Daddy Matt, Henry, Julianne, and Ellen on FaceTime with Great-Grandma Dot, 86, in Wilmington, NC. She was so excited to see her great-grandbabies for the first time. Looking forward to Dot getting to hold them soon.

julianne sleeping

Sleeping sweetheart. (Julianne)

henry sleeping

Henry takes an outdoor nap on Daddy Matt by the pool in Mumbai.

josh henry julianne matt two weeks old pool westin mumbai memorial day weekend

Josh, Henry, Julianne and Matt. Just another family at the pool on a sunny Memorial Day weekend. 🙂