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Dog Care While We’re In India

3 May

We could be heading out to India any day now for the birth of the twins, so Matt and I knew we needed to make arrangements for our dog, Butter, while we’re away.

We could be gone as few as fifteen days, or we could be away more than a month. For a while we thought we might see if a couple friends might be able to host Butter, but logistics started to get complicated.

Luckily, Matt’s family in Wilmington, NC, stepped in and graciously offered to watch Butter while we’re away, no matter how long we’re gone. The great thing is that Butter knows our family well, along with their homes and other pets. It’s probably the easiest possible transition, which is great.

We also have family in Richmond, VA, which is pretty much the half-way point between New York City and Wilmington. We headed down to Richmond over the weekend, and Matt’s mom, Ellen, headed up from Wilmington to make the doggy trade-off.

butter dog car new dasd on the blockAs you can see in the photo, taken moments after we got in the car, Butter was still trying to figure out what was up with the double car seats in the backseat. He’s used to having the entire backseat to himself.

“It’s like going from First Class to coach,” Matt joked.

Once we got to Richmond, we had a fun time with Matt’s cousins, hanging out and spending some final pre-kids time together. At the end of the weekend, we handed Butter off to my mother-in-law, Ellen.

When we get the news that the babies are coming, Ellen will take a one-way flight up to New York, and then the three of us will fly out to Mumbai together. (Matt’s dad, brothers, and grandma will take care of Butter while we’re all abroad.)

butter dog grass richmond va new dads on the blockIt’s very weird being at the apartment now without Butter. Other than when he gets groomed, or when one of us takes him out for a walk, we’re never without our little guy. When we finish a meal we keep thinking Butter is around to eat the scraps, and both of us are still trying to shake our usual Butter walking schedule. It’s definitely an adjustment.

I’m betting Butter’s reaction when he sees us again, though–and when he meets the twins for the first time–will be pretty priceless.

June will come soon enough. 🙂