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11 May

twins born announcement new dads on the block

Our son, Henry Charles, and daughter, Julianne Joy, were born at 12:08 a.m. (Mumbai time) on May 12, 2013. Henry is 5.2 lbs. and Julianne is just over 4 lbs. Everyone, including our surrogate, is healthy and doing well. WE ARE SO THRILLED! We will fly out Monday and hold them and meet them first thing Wednesday morning. 🙂

Time To Go To India!

11 May

In the late hours of Thursday night, we got an e-mail from our clinic.

“Your surrogate is doing well, and so are the twins. We spoke with her treating doctor today. Please try to reach Mumbai by May 15/16. The delivery will likely happen by end of next week.”

When you read that kind of e-mail, you just try not to drop your phone. 😉

It’s hard to explain the rush of relief and joy in finally knowing the date to be there, and also knowing that things are going well.

The twins’ pediatrician in the U.S. told us to hope and pray for 36 weeks of gestation and 5 lbs. each. As of today, the pregnancy is 35 weeks along, and the babies are approximately 4.7 and 4.9 lbs. (extrapolated from knowing their weight as of May 2, and the fact that twins gain, on average, almost an ounce a day at the end of a pregnancy), so it seems things are all on the right track.

On Friday I went into the office for the very last time. I cleared out my desk, left my access pass, and said goodbye to my colleagues. (They all knew it’d be hasta la vista once we got that e-mail from our clinic.) I’ll still be answering work e-mails until May 17, but after that, I’m officially a full-time dad.

mumbai india map new dads on the blockOn Monday, my mother-in-law, Ellen, will fly to Newark from Wilmington, NC. Matt and I will meet her there, and then we’ll all hop on a flight to Mumbai together. On Tuesday, May 14, we’ll finally be back in India.

In the meantime, we’ll be distracting ourselves with cleaning the house (so it’s not a wreck when we get back) and packing and repacking.

So, guys, this is it. On Monday we’re heading back to India, and soon we’ll meet and hold our twins. (!)


FaceTime with Our Pup

11 May


Our dog, Butter, is staying with family in Wilmington, NC, until we get back from India with the twins. (We haven’t left yet–we expect to do that next week.) We’ve been away from him for two weeks now, and we’re really starting to miss him!

So, what do you do when you miss your dog? FaceTime, of course!

Above Matt fires up the ol’ FaceTime with his mom, Ellen, and Butter.

Miss you, little guy!